Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sweater for Meg

This sweater took a bit longer than the doll version, but I think it turned out okay. Meg likes it.

American Girl Doll Sweater and Hat combo

The brown/pink sweater inspired me to do another. The hat was a learning experience, as I've never made one.

Weimaraner Love

Meg is overcoming her fear of dogs. She was pettting Max, and said to me, "I'm trusting my fear of biting, Mommy." Translated, she meant overcoming her fear. Hey, she's six.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pink Polka Dot Weimaraner

Meet Max... he's our newest family member. 12 weeks old, with a sweet disposition. He's already learning to walk very politely on the leash when I walk him. And, strangely, after initially being afraid of the fireplace, he now stares at it for minutes on end. Hey, let's face it, dogs don't do much of anything for hours, except sleep.

He's a doll!