Wednesday, April 25, 2007

one woman's crusade to save Blake

As Randy would say, what's up with dat dog?

Chris sings... it's nice, his typical nasaly thing, but it happened during a much nicer song this time. He's all cute and Justin Timberlakey... which is so not my thing. Okay, they had nice words for him. I can deal.

Melinda does her thing. A little trick to it... she sings a song I don't know. Many people may know it... I do not. Therefore, I don't know if she missed notes, or flubbed anything at all. But Come ON Simon... a master class? The three of them just fell all over themselves to say something about her. I guess they were worried that America put her smack in the middle of the pack last week.

Blake. Mon petite chou! He's a dollbaby. I think he has a combination of young Sting, very young Bono, before the weight gain, and Christian Slater looks. Well, yes, let's not forget the sortof Elvisy lip action. He sang Lennon's Imagine. Lovely rendition, with a touch of Blake. True to the song. Nothing off key, no messups. It's a quiet song of hope, and Blake sang it with utter sincerity and a lovely tonal quality with the melody. Randy didn't like it. Paula was iffy, but ended up saying nice things... Simon was less than effusive. I'm worried.

LaKisha amazes me. I think Randy and Paula must've been too busy chatting to actual hear her performance. It gave me the little fuzzies in my stomach. I've come to rely on the little fuzzies. Beautiful performance, ripped to shreds by two of the judges.

Phil. I'm sure he's a quite adequate singer, but I can't really hear him. When he's on, if I listen closely, he makes my skin crawl. Can't quite put my finger on why. I think it's the giant caterpillars perched above his eyes. Bald don't work with giant furry caterpillars on your face. Wear the hat. Pluck the brows. Something. It's reminiscent of Clay Aiken, whom I had to close my eyes to listen to, because of the crazy faces he would make during a song.

Jordin was awesome. She threw her whole self into that performance.

I spent three hours speed dialing. It was a one woman crusade to save Blake. The positive spin of tonight's voting is that I don't have to feel stupid for "wasting" time dialing the phone. Each time I got through, it was food in a poor orphan's mouth. Nearly brought a tear to this cynic's eye. Okay, it actually did. But just one.

I'm not happy with the judges. I think they were so gobsmacked to see Melinda in the middle of the pack, that they had to puff her up as much as possible. LaKisha is the other diva, so they had to tear her down. Yes, this means that I subscribe to the "judges don't judge, they promote" the contestants, paranoid theory.

I dialed hundreds of times. I have no idea how many times. I hope it was enough. One woman's crusade to save Blake.

God, I'm pathetic.

Monday, April 23, 2007 the end of the day...

It was a long day.

I started a blog. I pulled my hair out trying to make things work properly. In the end, I'm not sure if they ARE working properly, but hey, I gave it my best shot.

Planted quite a few plants in my front garden, it's starting to look nice again.

It's nearly 10pm here on the East Coast... I'm suitably tired. I think I may go to bed early.

the "first" post

I was in the mood to put the little "quotey" marks around the word, first, largely because of a funny thread on's forums the other day. It made me laugh. Perhaps you had to be there.

Mailing off our first bottle stopper sale to an eBay member right now. I hope it's a sign of good things to come. We had a lot of activity on the eBay auctions that I tested in different categories last week. This sale gave us a break even on that test. Yay for break even.

We've discovered, which offers handmade items from artisans around the world. I like that it isn't riddled with mass manufactured, drop-shipped crap. You may like that too. Please feel free to join us there. I promise, there are gorgeous things to be had, lovely ideas for gifts, in addition to the fabulous products we'll be selling.

Okay, so off to the post office!