Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brag, Brag, Brag, I am sooo not humble

I am sitting here, with my jaw dropping to the floor. Our items made it into THREE countem 3, treasuries today.

I made one myself, and filled it with lovely art, which I covet. You can see it here.

Needful Things Treasury

My photo, Hyacinth in Blue was added to this treasury, by
DaisyChains... Pretty Pretty

Our oops Olivewood bottlestopper was honored by thkeepershouse... Oops! The problem with handmade

And one of my favorites, a Cocobolo stopper, was deemed treasuryworthy by rightasraincreations... DamFAB V.2

1 comment:

iSew said...

That's so cool. I used to be featured in Tresuries a lot, now almost never. hmmm, strage. Luckeeee.