Friday, July 6, 2007

Sporkman Danceth - fork spoon sculpture man

Yeah, yeah, yeah... more horn blowing you say? Well, hey, if it gets you to BUY something, I say, more power to me. :-)

I'm tickled pink at the amazing compliments bestowed upon my humble photograph, "Sporkman Danceth."

Check out a treasury put together by TheIvyLeaf Some amazing things there in her treasury

A few sample quotes, because they made me smile...

angelfireartglass comments, "The Sporkman Danceth is soooo awesome!!! I love it!!!"
duckduckGoosestuff comments, "sporkman danceth is FABULOUS!"
MangoTango says, "I'd love a hug from Sporkman! :)"
marciamenendez exclaimed, "Thanks for including me! Sporkman rocks!" check out her mini mah johng bracelet, it's wicked awesome!
JanyMarie queries, "How cool is that sporkman?"
kingklaus decrees, "The sporkman is awesome!! Great list!"
bluenoodle says, "...the sporkman is way too funny!"

Uh, yeah, and I did my own treasury featuring things from etsymoms.

Check it out.

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