Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hand crafted Wood Race Car Bed

Okay, so I'm not holding my breath for this to sell, but I just know someone out there wants a custom, hand crafted, wood racecar bed for their little Mario or Marion Andretti!

And, it made it into a treasury to boot.
Vanessa built a lovely treasury for boys. I'm extra flattered, because she works on the Storque for Etsy. So, I guess that makes it extra special. ;-)


Perdita said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

Hi- This bed is beautiful! My son's birthday is on May 23rd though... any hope for us that there's a car already on hand to ship to NY? thanks!

Anonymous said...

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jules said...

I'm in the market for a bed like this. Might you be interested in building another?