Monday, June 9, 2008

GOTR Daisy Dash 2008

Claire participated in the Girls On The Run program at school this Spring. She has been training hard, with practice every Tuesday and Thursday, from 2:45-4pm. Coach Kori gradually worked the girls up, increasing laps, and building their confidence.

GOTR is more than an athletic program, it has a goal of helping girls work together, fostering a positive outlook, and increasing confidence and a sense of empowerment. I think it accomplished all those goals, at least for Claire.

The finale of the season was the GOTR Daisy Dash 2008, a 5K which drew about 3500 runners.

She was pleased at her performance during the race. It turned out to be a bit more then a 5K, actually measuring closer to 3.4 miles. She came in next to last at the practice 5K a few weeks prior, and on race day, beat out 5 other girls from her school, which was a feat for her. Managing her blood sugar on race day was a bit of a challenge for us all.

She's a champ!

Claire crosses the finish line in full sprint.

Daddy tags along at the finish line, losing by about a second to Claire.

Claire and Coach Kori.

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