Friday, October 5, 2007

Kitchen before and after

Progress report.

Kitchen cleaned.

Counters decluttered, items put in proper places, not just into a pile in a different room.

Four loads of laundry done.

Meg is about halfway done with her room.

I appreciate all the amazing suggestions, even from those who don't sound quite as positive, to my ear. :-)

I do feel the need to reiterate that my home is, for the most part, lovely. We have an ongoing struggle with clutter. We have a habit of using the guest room as a catch-all. I'm fairly certain this doesn't constitute bad parenting. :-) I deputized you to keep me accountable, and I do appreciate it. Keep it coming. Your support is making me feel much more able to get it done in a timely manner.

And yes, five minute breaks to post and look at the fora are part of the motivation, so I think I will continue to do so.

Photographic evidence takes me seconds, and is helping me to stay motivated.

Different people respond to different methods, I know how much I need positive reinforcement and well, nagging, which is why I asked for it.

Kitchen at 12:30pm.

Kitchen at 2:30pm.

Kitchen counters before.

And after.

I think I may take all the stuff off the fridge, to really clean up the look of the room. But, I have to figure out a way to organize the stuff on the clips. All the paperwork has separate clips, one for me, for hubby, and one for each daughter.

Perhaps folders in the cabinet?

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