Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tackling the Guest Room!

Okay, so it's Saturday, t minus 56 hours.

I'm about to dive into the guest room. I start the clock at noon. Will work in 30 minute increments, taking 5-10 minutes to hang with the kids, and to play online as motivation.

Guest room at 11:45am Saturday. Next update scheduled for 12:30pm.

Guest room in progress at 12:30pm Saturday. Quick break, find timer, refresh soda. Next break, feed self and children.

Guest room stuff transitioned on its way to final destination.

Argh, the break ran on a bit longer, because, well, it's just so much fun to play with my girls. At 1:55, headed to take a progress shot of Meg's room, both girls are going to work on it for an hour. I'm headed back into the guest room.

The upside to this process is that I'm finding some stuff to sell on eBay. Pink Polka Dot Poodle Project Purge!

Here is the other side of the room, at around 1:30pm.

And at 2:30!

Now, to tackle this section... starting at 3:15 ish. I need a bit of a break, just to regroup.

4:30 pm Saturday...

This side of the room is DONE. Okay, still need to vacuum, but I dusted all the stuff, and organized the bookcase a bit. Moved photos around also, to make a nicer arrangement.

You can see my cat's white belly under the chair. She loves this room, but it has been closed for several months, since the reorg started. Tux is the fattest cat I've ever seen.

This is the other side before shot...

And after.

Okay... 4:30 has rolled around. Note to self... need to adjust guest room clocks to reflect daylight savings time change...

Some humor for those of you who have been following the Pink Polka Dot Poodle Purge Purgatory Performance Art.

Errrr... and the reality of the situation. As good as the room looks, the stuff is only in transition... I still have miles to go before I sleep.


ladybugsdesigns said...

"Houston, we have a bedroom!"

Anonymous said...

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