Saturday, October 6, 2007

Meg's room

Some shots of the so-called progress in Meg's room.

This was the *progress* on Friday evening.

Around 1:30pm Saturday. Being Scooby Doo apparently helps the process.

And at 3:00pm Saturday. Sidetracked by playing with the toys is a recurring theme.

Meg is proud of her hard work!

More progress 4:30pm. Getting sidetracked to chat with your sister can be fun. Why be a slavedriver? I'm letting them hang out for a bit.

And they stopped at 5:30pm for the night. Ack, Meg still has to move the junk off the bed, or she'll have to sleep on her sister's upper bunk tonight.

Sunday afternoon. Still have to clean under the bed, where they hid a lot of stuff yesterday. Gotta love the overhanging quilt, it hides a multitude of sins.
And we're DONE!!!

I even pulled the bed out, vacuumed under it and febreezed the whole carpet. Some of the ink stains are just never gonna come out of that carpet. Not all were her fault, of course... it used to be hubby's office, when he was doing graphic design, more than one ink spill happened during the wee hours.


liz aka hobbledehoy said...

Yay! Look at them go! :) What sweeties, I bet you're proud!

Mark said...

Wow! Great job on that room! It's as cute as can be. Good job!